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Get Petra in 2 easy steps

Step 1

New Address

Petrachor Address:
Private Key:


Generate encrypted keystore file (UTC / JSON)

Depending on the performance of your computer, this may take some time.

*** Don't forget to enter your Petrachor Address in Step 2 ***

*** Keep your keystore file somewhere safe! ***

*** You will need the keystore file to access your Petrachor account ***

Step 2

Place your bid using MyEtherWallet
  1. Connect your Ethereum wallet
  2. To Address: 0x92A77aDd6911cC33A410340bA09622A668C1EF56
  3. Add Data: your Petrachor address

Transaction Information

View your auction transaction on Etherscan

View your Petrachor balance with the Explorer

Auction Information

Learn More about the Petrachor Auction

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