The Petrachor Story

Re-imagining the relationship we have with banking

As entrepreneurs in the payment processing and small business lending space, Petrachor’s founders were able to gain years of first-hand experience observing the limitations and inefficiencies of traditional finance. They set out on a mission to eliminate waste and inefficiencies in that system to provide a more direct path for money to change hands between buyers and sellers of all kinds. That means faster payments, minimal fees, confidential transactions, peer-to-peer lending...and any other innovations the community develops to meet the needs of a digital future. They began providing Proof of Stake solutions in 2016, while ignoring and avoiding the ICO boom that rattled investor confidence and drew regulator attention.

Since that time, Petrachor has developed a unique foundation for the future of currency and a platform for web3 applications. As the Petrachor network continues to develop with unlimited scalability and unsurpassable security, it will converge to an increasingly agreed-upon value, putting it in competition with central bank currencies such as the USD, Euro and RMB, at which point the coin’s inherent security, decentralization and rules-based supply will be a key differentiator

With libraries built to integrate Petrachor payments with existing infrastructure, peer-to-peer lending with a reputation management system, and decentralized applications on the horizon, you'll want to make sure you're keeping up to date with the latest developments.

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